BAVIZ is specialized in creating photorealistic visualisation in resolutions high as 8K and also in 3D/stereoscopic and panorama formats. We create visualisation of objects and interiors/exteriors based on real materials or project documentation. For visualisation we are making own models and we also use a huge database of 3D objects, places a materials.

We prepared for you visualisation bundle of the house project LAGUNA 12N:

Visualisations in higher resolutions are zoom able so you can see even smaller objects in detail (4K resolutions and higher). Studio is making all renders purely on our own working station, we are not using render farms (that increases costs, lengthen and limits the process of creation).

BAVIZ is making visualisations of houses and buildings based on architectural plans or from customer visions and requests.

The number of render outputs is optional, it depends on the customer needs, for interiors we normally make 3-4 outputs for a room, but there is no real limit.

This link will open the whole picture gallery of exterior and interior in 1440p resolution, with links for pictures with 8K resolution.

Rotational interactive visualisations make presentation of objects from every angle and multiple vertical directions (visualisation is possible to rotate with touch or a mouse (when the screen is rotated on a mobile device please reload the page so the visualisation can adopt to the screen width or when the rotation is not working properly).

In the link you will find the visualisation in HD resolution.

Interactive panorama of the project optimized for mobile devices (resolution 4K). PC users can open the panorama in 8K resolution at this link:

Animations are the best way of presenting your projects, they are broadly useable and will raise the level of presentation.

For visualisations we are creating models and we also use a huge database of 3D objects, places a materials. Panorama visualisation are usable on internet pages, mobile devices, PCs or VR.

Interactive interior panorama optimised for mobile devices (4k resolution). PC users can open a 8K panorama with the link below: